• THE LAB x VENIA Studio [sessions] - INICIO

THE LAB x VENIA Studio [sessions] - INICIO

INICIO - What ignites your creativity? 

As our physical world fuses with the digital world, have we begun to lose focus of the physical things that ground us to keep creating in our fields? 

As creatives we are constantly sourcing our inspiration externally from ourselves in other artists, nature, books, art, music, etc. 

- We would love for everyone to bring in a physical object that inspires you to create where others can see into your process - 

For example: A picture, instrument, book, something from your favorite place in nature, etc.

[sessions] are [THE LAB]'s newest introduction to intimate gatherings built around interpersonal connections to foster relationships within their community in collaboration with the mission of VENIA Studio.

We look forward to building out these intimate [sessions] with you all!

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