• Tea Salon with FCK x Rick Castro
  • Tea Salon with FCK x Rick Castro
  • Tea Salon with FCK x Rick Castro
  • Tea Salon with FCK x Rick Castro
  • Tea Salon with FCK x Rick Castro
  • Tea Salon with FCK x Rick Castro
  • Tea Salon with FCK x Rick Castro

Tea Salon with FCK x Rick Castro

VENIA Studio is excited to present our first Brutalist Tea Salon with FCK and Rick Castro. Join us Friday April 05 for a 13 seat exclusive first Salon, eat and drink off FCK x Tom of Finland tableware and ceramics, and enjoy tea poured by Tea Maser Rick Castro.



Join us on April 5th from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the DTLA arts district.

*This is a ticketed event. RSVP required*

More About Rick Castro

Rick Castro is a Photographer, Writer, Filmmaker who's art focuses on obsession and desire. He is a proud Los Angeleno native and third generation Southern Californian.
Rick's Photography & Writings have been presented at the Brooklyn Museum, NYC, Getty Center, and The Los Angeles Central Library. His photography, books, & films are archived at the Kinsey Institute, IND University, Legacy Project, UCLA, & The Tom of Finland Foundation. 
He also has a Tea Fetish -- instagram.com/castrrick

More About FCK / Frédérick Gautier

His artistic work, with a brutalist aesthetic, has previously explored architectural eroticism, investigating how sexuality is expressed in functionalist architecture. The micro-architectures always remain functional, initiating an implicit dialogue, especially through the concrete moveable wall  that partition spaces while evoking an erotic tension through the voyeurism they generate.

Adopting his brutalist aesthetic, ceramic artist FCK / Frédérick Gautier ventures into the field of sculpture and erotic photography, defying the standards of perfection and aiming to dissolve conventional boundaries. This project explores the complex boundaries between what is considered provocative, voyeurism, and art.

Throughout his encounters, men dressed as they are, will take hold of his ceramic pieces to stage themselves, turning them into props for a sensual game. Nonchalant postures, frugal scenes, and athletic poses will stand out in the series of photographs developed during the residency. The subjects enjoy the contradictions that these erotic and functional objects provoke, concealing areas of the body that they replicate in their reliefs. The structure of the body's positions are transposed into these pieces that serve both for sustenance and to bring the body closer to its own image. The photography of FCK fully connects the action and fantasies that connect the subject to the photographed object, to the point of nearly blending them together.

FCK has a prolific production and a nearly fetishistic relationship with the forms he creates. His creations are resolutely simple; they are containers. They aim not solely for ornamentation, but that are simultaneously functional, imposing, sturdy, and easy to handle. The objects are created to interact seamlessly with the human touch, leathers, and fibers. They are tools for nourishment but also reveal these fantasies, embodying an exploration of eroticism.

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