Founded by Los Angeles based design duo Eni and Nigma, VENIA was created to be a Graceful Rebellion dedicated to the exploration of clothing evolution. Drawing inspiration from the spirit of adventure in a futuristic world, the duo designs in the form of seasonal stories imprinted with deep reflections of nature, society and postmodern phenomena.

Technological Elegance, Intentional Luxury, and Effortless Utility are three fundamental principles the brand is committed to portraying. Ethically made and intensively researched, all pieces are designed and cut specifically to suit our wearer’s physical intricacies, and handcrafted with the highest level of detail.

Unconventional silhouettes and Dystopian handcrafted textiles are utilized to convey each season’s narrative. The seamless blend of languid asymmetrical shapes and precision tailoring emphasizes a masculine and feminine duality. Each collection focuses on sustainable development and traditional techniques imbued with a progressive sense of wonder.