• THE LAB x VENIA Studio [sessions .002] - INICIO

THE LAB x VENIA Studio [sessions .002] - INICIO


As creatives, we're constantly chasing the spark - that flicker of inspiration that ignites our passions and fuels our creations. But in the ever-connected world, the line between inspiration and imitation can blur. Where do we find the fuel for our creativity, and how do we navigate the ethical boundaries of its expression?

Join us for INICIO Pt. II, an open discussion where we delve into the wellspring of inspiration and explore the complexities of plagiarism.

Come prepared to share:

  • What ignites your creativity? What are the sources that fuel your unique voice?
  • How do you navigate the ethical landscape of inspiration? 
  • Where do you draw the line between drawing inspiration & plagiarizing another artist’s work?

[sessions] are [THE LAB]'s newest introduction to intimate gatherings built around interpersonal connections to foster relationships within their community in collaboration with the mission of VENIA Studio.

We look forward to building out these intimate [sessions] with you all!

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